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Another success story for REA Technologies…Ron Abts went to a new customer in New Jersey on September 18th. Their equipment had been down for over six weeks. The customer had sent their Kollmorgen BDS4 servo drive and power supply in thinking that their issues were in these components. REA evaluated their equipment and everything checked out to be operational. The servo motor that the drive operates was sent to a motor repair shop. It turns out that the motor was repaired incorrectly. The servo drive/motor setup was modified to compensate for the motor issue. The servo motor and drive are no longer available so repair was the only option. The customer was very skeptical that the machine could be brought to operation by a short technician visit. A local service tech had been working with the machine over the 6 weeks. After a mere 4 hours the machine was up and running and a 10 year technical issue was also resolved. When you have to have your equipment running, orders to be shipped, don’t hesitate to call REA Technologies.

Bad OEM Repair Job REA Technologies was called to a customer's site with the issue/complaint being a mechanical issue with an OEM spindle (drawbar). REA Technologies removed the spindle, but The OEM would not sell the replacement parts to REA or even to the customer. The OEM demanded that the spindle is returned to them for repair. Once the spindle was returned, the customer contacted REA and requested that the spindle is installed. After our field technician installed the spindle, he tested it's operation and found that the spindle would not index properly. The spindle's encoder would not find it's HOME position. The OEM replaced the encoder and connectors even though they were working properly. The spindle was returned to the OEM for the mechanical issue of the drawbar, not an issue with the encoder. So, the spindle had to be removed again and sent back to the OEM for additional repairs.

There is no doubt that the technicians at REA Technologies would have repaired the spindle properly the first time if only the OEM would have sold us the replacement items that we had requested. REA Technologies would have saved the customer the three to four days of additional downtime due to the OEM's "repair", not to mention the extra costs of service. Please keep this in mind when you contact the OEM for repairs instead of REA Technologies.

Faulty voltage sensor Recently, a customer sent us an Indramat drive (a DDS03.1-W050-DA01-01-FW), and told us that when they power cycled their machine the drive showed two dots on the status display (".."). According to the drive's service manual, this indicated a watchdog alarm. This alarm is a catch-all alarm that monitors multiple things in the electronics of the drive. We saw no obvious damage to the board and were forced to map out the watchdog circuit to find out where the fault existed. We found an open trace on the board coming out of a switching regulator, causing the monitoring circuit to think the board was missing a required voltage. We repaired the open trace and after the repair, used the drive to run a motor on our bench to make sure the problem was resolved.

Thompson Spot Welder Transformer A customer called us reporting that their Thomson spot welder was no longer working after it blew out the fuses on the main power connection to the building. During the on-site visit, our technician evaluated the welder and determined that insulation on the main power cables running out of the transformer had worn through and shorted onto the frame of the welder. Two of the three SCR banks (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) that supplied power to the welding head were damaged during this event. Since this fault could have also damaged the main transformer, it was tested as well and was found to be undamaged and functioning normally. This welder was quite old. Our customer stated that it originally purchased as surplus and came off a naval ship from the WWII era, and it was refurbished in the late 1970s. The SCRs had to be retrofitted with new, equivalent units. The SCRs are installed in three separate water cooled banks containing two SCRs each. The cooling hoses were old, cracked, and leaking, and had to be replaced as well. The new SCR banks were delivered and installed into the welder and we then noticed during testing that the firing signal that triggered them was not present. This missing signal was traced to a faulty relay in the control system of the welder. This relay was also replaced. Once the firing signal was restored, the welder started functioning again. Total downtime from the point we were notified until we delivered and installed the fabricated replacement parts was less than one week.

Bay View Industries in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had an IMA router that IMA had worked on for three weeks. They finally convinced the customer to purchase a new router.  The maintenance manager at Bay View couldn’t live with the idea that the router was now a scrap machine, so he found REA on the internet. REA had the router reprogrammed and repaired in 4 hours.

Columbia Forest in Truman, Arkansas had a Hesseman Sander that was down because their Kuhnke plc was damaged.  Hesseman and Kuhnke told them that it would be 3 weeks before a new plc could be shipped to them, due to the fact that it had to come from Germany.  They sent the plc to REA on a Saturday and Tuesday morning, they were back in production.

Roseburg Forest Products in Oxford, Mississippi had an Anthon Saw with an obsolete computer controller with obsolete software.  Anthon told Roseburg that it would be two weeks and $10,000.00 for a new controller.  REA received their controller on Monday morning. The Anthon saw required custom software that no one had access to. REA repaired it and shipped it back next day air and Roseburg was back in production by Tuesday at lunchtime.

GE Aviation in Albuquerque, New Mexico had a 200 horsepower drive that had severe lighting damaged.  Their entire plant depended on this drive.  REA had the drive repaired and refurbished in three days.

Technibilt in Newton, North Carolina had an obsolete Allen Bradley 2/30 plc that controller their chrome plating operation.  An upgraded plc and programming would have cost over $25,000.00 and two weeks of downtime.  REA repaired and reprogrammed the obsolete plc over a weekend.

Rock Tenn in Conover, North Carolina had a Bobst cardboard press & sheeter machine that was down.  The Bobst rep had worked on the machine for one week before saying that the machine couldn’t be repaired.  REA identified the machine’s issues and repaired the two Veritron drives in one day and had them back in production in two days.

Pacific Tool & Gauge in White City, Oregon had a spindle off of a Weeke Router that had been sent to three different repair shops.  Every time the spindle was returned, the repair was not correct.  REA did a complete rebuild and repair that was less expensive than what the other repair shops had charged to “not” repair the spindle.

FMS in Lincolnton, North Carolina had two Lenze drives that went down on the fiber press machine.  This machine produced fiber for the entire plant operation.  Delivery time on two replacement drives was two weeks.  REA repaired both drives in two days.

Ferguson Copeland in Valdese, North Carolina had a Locatelli wood lathe the continually gave an alarm on the Z axis. We found that two limit switches under the way covers should be triggered by a rod on a hydraulic clamping cylinder. this cylinder was stuck and failed to reset to full retracted position, and was prematurely triggering an overtravel limit switch.

Steel Case in Caledonia, Michigan had a Homag BAZ router that was down.  Homag had been in but could not repair their issue.  REA repaired the router in six hours and while at their facility, REA repaired three other machines that we causing production issues.

Adden Furniture in Hildebran, North Carolina had a Hesseman controller that was down.  Hesseman wanted $11,000.00 and 4 weeks for a new controller.  REA repaired the controller in 1 day and repaired it under $1,200.00.


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