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REA Technologies, Inc has experience installing, modifying, and programming industrial robots from many popular manufacturers.

If you are a manufacturer who is interested in adding robotics to your manufacturing process,
give us a call!

We will listen to your needs and suggest a model of robot that would fit your situation. We can locate a robot for you, bring it in and install it, along with all the nessessary safety equipment such as light curtains and guard rails. We can help you work out a program to do the job you need, and support your company after the install is complete.

We have done major modifications to existing robots, such as adding an axis, or modification or fabrication of an arm attachment.

We can also refurbish second-hand robots and get them installed in your factory, ready for use!

We are familiar with major brands of robots, such as:

20/20 Engineering  Industrial Robotix  Robotica Inc. 
ABB: Robot Based Automation  Innovation Matrix, Inc.  Robotics & Design, Bvda 
ALIO Industries  Innovation, Inc  Robotics Research 
ATEC Asian Autotec SDN BHD  Innovativer Robotics  Robotics and Automated Equipment Services Company (RAESCO) 
ATI Industrial Automation  Intelligent Actuator Inc  Robots Dot Com, Inc. 
ATR corporation  KC Robotics  Roboworld 
Adept Technology  KUKA Robot Group  SA Tool Electronics (Pty) Ltd. 
Aitnix, Inc.  Kawasaki Robotics (USA) Inc.  ST Robotics 
Alaark Robotics  Liburdi Automation, Inc.  Star Automation 
Allert M+T Welding Systems, Ltd.  Stäubli 
Alliance Robotics  Motion Controls Robotics  TIA Robotic Tooling Solutions 
Antenen Research  Motoman  TM Robotics 
Apex Robot Systems UK  Nachi Robotics  The Robot Company 
Aplik Applied Research and Technology  Olympus Technologies, Ltd.  Toshiba Machine Co., America 
Bric Engeneered Systems  Paint Mate Robotics AB  Transbotics Inc. 
C&D Robotics, Inc.  Pinnacle Technologies, Inc.  Triton Logging Company Inc. 
CIM Systems Robotics  Prodevco Industries, Inc.  Ultra Tech Machinery, Inc. 
Cloos Schweisstechnik  R.J. Hanlon  Used
Compax AD  REbotics  Weldomat AG 
D and B Industrial Sales,Inc.  RP Automation, Inc 
DENSO Robotics  Reis Robotics 
Doyle Paint Cap Cleaner  Rijlaarsdam Factory Automation B.V. 
EPSON Factory Automation Division  Robostar 
Evershed Robotics Limited  Robot Systems Services 
Fanuc Ltd.  Robot Welding 
Flexicell  RobotWorx 
Genmark Automation, Inc.  RobotWorx 
Global Robots Ltd  Robotech 
ICS Robotics and Automation Ltd  Robotic Concepts, Inc. 
IGM Robotics Systems, Inc.  Robotic Industries Association 

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